Great news everyone!

We are happy to announce that Professor Comprido will be coming back to Canada as Contra-Mestre Comprido! It was during the XXIII Batizado de Capoeira Regional do Grupo Porto da Barra at the event Capoeira do Século 2012 in Salvador, Bahia, that he has received his new title.

Everyone in Grupo de Capoeira Regional Porto da Barra Montreal is excited about this news and very proud of our mentor. Hopefully this will lead to much energy from everyone leading up to the upcoming Batizado.

Let us all congratulate him upon his arrival back to Canada. Make sure you come and train with our Contra-Mestre before the Batizado. Our website will soon reflect the changes.

Parabéns Contra-Mestre Comprido!

Here are few pictures of Contra-Mestre receiving his new cord from Mestre Cabeludo & Mestre Geni: