This page is for everyone who wishes to give capoeira a try and is wondering what to expect.
Bring something comfortable to wear on your first training. The kicks and acrobatics used in capoeira are hard to execute if you wear inadequate clothing, so plan appropriately. Jogging pants or leggings and a t-shirt are your best choice as they come closest to the uniform. If at all possible, wear something light, this will blend in better with the uniform, which is white. New students are not expected to have an uniform right away, however, a uniform is required to play in the official roda. Also remember to bring water or liquids to keep yourself hydrated.

GCRPB Montreal offers two different classes for new students:

Beginners: This class is for a wide audience, ranging from students who have never tried capoeira before, to students who have practiced capoeira before but haven’t trained much lately and are easing back into regular training. Classes are fast-paced and go over more technique than the Introduction class. Students will learn capoeira sequences and will begin playing in pairs. They may also join a practice roda to try out their newly learned kicks. Classes start and end with stretching and some songs are occasionally taught so that students grow more comfortable to sing in the roda.

Intermediate: The techniques taught in this class are more advanced than in the Beginners class, so this class is best suited for students who are in good physical shape, however students who have practiced other martial arts or other sports before will find it very stimulating.

The official roda takes place every Thursday at 7:15pm. New students are encouraged to attend, even if they don’t wish to participate in the game the first few times.

Whichever class you choose to attend, we look forward to having you in our group! Be sure that you will meet dedicated and well-trained individuals, an exceptional Contra-Mestre, and even friends.