Contramestre Comprido

Contramestre Comprido was born Arthur Joel Sears on the 20th of February 1971 in Brookfield, Nova Scotia. It was in the beginning of High School Contramestre Comprido began his Martial Arts practice in the basement of the Colchester County YMCA in the renowned school of Master Duncan McCleod and Master Dave Hunt. He continued his training there until moving to the big city of Toronto to further his education within academia.

During the early 90′s Contramestre Comprido continued rigorous physical training including Muay Thai, Wado-Ryu and weight training while attending the University of Toronto. It was in this period (1992) that he took a break from academics and embarked on a 6 month solo adventure to South America where he discovered capoeira in the Pelourinho District (before the touristic makeover occurred) of Salvador da Bahia. Something clicked and Contramestre Comprido’s passion for capoeira was awakened. Many subsequent voyages to Brazil followed as he wished to learn more about this newly found martial art. His thirst for knowledge in capoeira was so great that it lead to a total of 14 trips/32 months full-time training in Bahia.

On February 21st of 2000 Contramestre Comprido started the downtown Montréal academy of Porto da Barra, his competence in martial arts allowing him to work exclusively with capoeira. Contramestre Comprido is proud of his capoeira school’s lineage and believes in teaching and upholding dignity, respect for tradition and honesty. In the Summer of 2012, during a visit to Brazil and after 11 years of being a full-time professional in the practice of capoeira, he was honored by being recognized as a Contramestre by the members of Grupo Capoeira Regional Porto da Barra including Mestre Geni, from Grupo Zambiacongo & President of the Federação de Capoeira da Bahia, and Mestre Cabeludo, president of Porto da Barra.