Mestre Cabeludo

Mestre Cabeludo is the President and Founder of the Grupo de Capoeira Regional Porto da Barra and is the driving force behind its success since the group’s founding on May 17, 1993. The group is the largest Capoeira Group in the State of Bahia (birthplace, cradle and world capital of Capoeira), and the largest group of traditional Capoeira Regional in Brazil and the World. For this reason, Mestre Cabeludo is considered one of the top young Mestres in Capoeira worldwide whose presence in Batizados and events is greatly solicited. He is the chief responsible for two World Records currently held by the group: longest continuous roda (52hr, 12 min) in 2006 and longest capoeira event (Capoeira do Seculo 2010, 27 days including 9 Batizados in 9 different cities in Bahia).

Mestre Cabeludo has trained and graduated over 80 students to the rank of Formado or higher, while affiliating almost no capoeiristas from other groups. He remains a polarizing figure in Bahia due to his uncompromising defence of the traditions of Capoeira Regional, and his radical enforcement of the rules regarding correct etiquette in capoeira rodas.

Born Antonio Sergio Pinho Freire de Carvalho in the Itapoa neighborhood of Salvador on Oct 16, 1968, Mestre Cabeludo is the son of Mestre Bimba’s student, Grisalho (Rodolfo Souza) and Dona Nailda Alves Pinho (Mestra da Vida). He has three brothers: Rodolfo, Pedro, and Mestre Cia. His nephew, Mestre Pititinga, teaches Capoeira Regional in Spain.

Mestre Cabeludo is the best-known prodigy of Mestre Vermelho 27, with whom he had a special relationship. Mestre Vermelho, was, in turn, Mestre Bimba’s favorite student.

Mestre Cabeludo is well-known on the beaches and streets of Salvador due to his former career as an Aquatic Lifesaving Agent and Roda Enforcer.

Some of Mestre Cabeludo’s hobbys and interests include: surfing, snorkling, underwater fishing, dog training, beach clean-ups, running, cycling, strength training, boxing, MMA, feeding the homeless and hiking.

When he is not travelling around Bahia and the world for work, Mestre Cabeludo divides his time between Stella Mares, Novo Imbassai, and Vale do Capao, BA.