Mestre Vermelho 27

Mestre Vermelho 27 (Jose Carlos Andreade Bitencourtt) was born in Salvador, Bahia, on March 9th, 1936. He was one of Mestre Bimba’s long standing and closest students. The legacy of Capoeira Regional was passed into the hands of Mestre Vermelho 27 when Mestre Bimba moved to Goiania and after his death.

In 1972, when Mestre Bimba decided to move to Goiania, Goias, he delegated the administration of the Centro de Cultura Fisica Regional to Mestre Vermelho 27, teling him : “Vermelho, you are the only crazy person able to keep this school because you’re crazy about capoeira”.

In the beginning, Mestre Vermelho 27 was know only by “Vermelho”. The number 27 was added by him to differenciate from another student who had the same name and because 27 was his lucky number.

In the end of his life, with physical difficullty and dificulties to talk, Mestre Vermelho 27 used to write to express how crazy he was about the Afro-brazilian martial art. In May 18, 1996, due to cardio respiratory insuficiency, Mestre Vermelho 27 left us to meet his old friend Mestre Bimba in the spiritual plain.

Mestre Vermelho 27 has an important significance for Grupo Porto da Barra. Many tributes in Batizados, events, Quadras e Corridos were made to Mestre Vermelho 27 and wherever we see a Grupo Porto da Barra’s flag, we’ll certainly see his name.