Our Academy

The style of GCRPB is grounded in a martial art style of training where students are taught sequences that help to improve technique and control, and which can be drawn on for inspiration during a game. Order and discipline are well integrated into a fun atmosphere for learning this unique style of fighting. Along with learning the basic principles and fundamentals of this martial art, students will be able to learn the history of Capoeira Regional, capoeira songs and music, acrobatics and get access to a facility well equipped for conditioning and strength training.

GCRPB Montreal has a very well equipped academy which is open for students to use 6 out of 7 days a week. The floors are padded, there are large mirrors and a changing room. Students are welcome to come and use the facilities during open training hours to practice their moves and work on conditioning. They will find, crash mats, weights and a bench, exercise balls, skipping ropes, a stationary bike, sparring equipment, punching bags and more. There is always new equipment being added to the long list of equipment so be sure to keep your eyes open for new things to try out during open training. There are always advanced students around to ensure that everyone trains in a safe manner and that injuries are avoided, so don’t hesitate to ask.