Sistema de Graduação

Grupo de Capoeira Regional Porto da Barra has a ranking system that uses coloured cords to show the level of individual students. The colors of each cord make reference to the flag of Brazil.

The completely white cord, used exclusively by Mestre Cabeludo not only denotes that he is a Mestre, but also symbolises his place as the President of in Grupo de Capoeira Regional Porto da Barra.

Mestre Cabeludo (Presidente do GCRPB)















Mestre Cabeludo created a special cord for students who are graduates of another school and wish to transfer into Porto da Barra. This is the “estagiário” cord (light blue dark blue). Students will keep this cord for at least two years, during which they must learn the methodology, history, philosophy and procedures that GCRPB has in place. Before receiving their next cord, the graduated student will be evaluated by the other Mestres and Contra Mestres.


Aluno Avançado


Aluno Iniciante



Students below the age of 14 years have a graduation system of their own, that differs only by having white tips at the end of the cord on either end.